Salt Lake City towing,
Salt Lake City tire service

Salt Lake City towing and Salt Lake City tire service can be an expensive pain. At GW Auto Performance, we try our best to numb that pain with our guaranteed service. We handle all types of towing service and specialize in knowing what tires are best for which vehicle and/or seasonal situation.

Some mechanic shops will use a third-party towing company to bring a vehicle into the shop, which increases your total bill significantly. At GW Auto Performance, however, we have our own Salt Lake City towing company. Our tow trucks are on call 24 hours a day and will handle any and all towing needs.

This especially holds true if you have a tire situation, whether the tire has gone flat or the tread has completely come off. We will not only tow the vehicle into our shop, but if need be, can accommodate more to your needs by changing the tire out with your spare. Plus, with our Salt Lake City tire service, you get all the big brand names as well as free air check on the tires you do have.

So why go to any other company? Call 801-886-1994 and let GW Auto Performance handle your Salt Lake City towing and Salt Lake City tire service needs.


Salt Lake City towing

Salt Lake City tire service