Redwood Road tire service,
Redwood Road oil change

Top notch Redwood Road tire service and Redwood Road oil change service is what you can expect here at GW Auto Performance.

Nails, sharp rocks, and potholes can all cause tire damage. Thank goodness for GW Auto Performance, your go-to place for Redwood Road tire service. If you have tire damage, we have the tire repair experts that can fix it. We will assess the damage to your tire as well as quickly check to see if there may have been further damage done that is not as easily seen at first. Alignment, bent rims, steering damage and suspension are just some of the areas that may have been damaged, causing expensive automotive repairs down the road. They say, a “stitch in time saves nine.” Not every tire service place will do that for you.

A Redwood Road oil change is your most frequently needed service to keep your engine running smoother and longer. Changing your oil on a regular basis helps to protect the vital engine parts from excessive heat and friction. GW Auto Performance will also check your belts and hoses for wear, check your engine for leaks, and inspect your tires, because we want our customers to be safe and sound while on the road.

We truly care about our customers and aim to give you the quality performance from your vehicle that you desire. Quality Redwood Road tire service and Redwood Road oil change is a phone call away – call today at 801.886.1994.


Redwood Road tire service

Redwood Road oil change