Murray towing,
West Jordan towing

Are you in need of Murray towing? What about West Jordan towing? Are you worried about being billed for third party towing service? Well if the answer to any of these questions is “yes”, let GW Auto Performance help you with your needs. We service the entire Salt Lake valley and can bring your vehicle to our shop for repairs, and because we have our own tow trucks, we won’t stick you with a bill for third-party towing.

If you are worried about Murray towing simply because our shop is located in the heart of Salt Lake City, don’t be; we are always towing vehicles from that area to our shop and would be happy to do the same with yours should you ever be in need of such service.

The same can also be said for our West Jordan towing service. We handle all types of towing; whether you’ve been in an accident, your vehicle is incapacitated, or in need of a tire change, let our on-call company handle your needs.

So instead of having to worry about being left with a ridiculous third-party towing bill, call GW Auto Performance at 801-886-1994 and receive personalized Murray towing and West Jordan towing.


Murray towing

West Jordan towing